From Zero to Hero – 3 Tips to Save Your Blog from an Early Death

By | March 17, 2015

Does your blog suck? Is it in danger of falling into a bottomless pit of boredom? There are plenty of blogs that are as good as dead, by the time they start. An early death for a blog is a natural consequence of bloggers unable to infuse interest in their blogs with their write-ups. Readers remain unaffected, unimpressed and uninformed when they read their blogs. Forget about capturing the reader’s attention, such blogs don’t even generate an iota of interest from the readers. Early death is the result.

Blog DeathBut, there are also many other blogs full of life, powered by an ever growing readership that can’t seem to get enough of them. So what are they doing right that the ones close to shutting down are doing wrong? The answer lies in generating interest and not just any interest but of the sustained variety. Let’s not get into the evaluation of successful blogs and what they are doing right. What we will do is take a look at how to go about putting some life into a blog, which most people think is a lost cause; it’s never too late to bring a blog to life!

Titles that Want to Make your Read the Blog Post

Granted…. You don’t have anything new to say in your blog. You might be surprised to note that very few bloggers actually say something new. They keep adding old wine to newer bottles. But, what they get right are the titles to their blog post.

Say this is the blog title that you have thought of “How to Improve Blog Popularity?” It’s a good title, but it’s not new and its potential to attract readers is severely limited… so let’s tweak it a bit to, “Tips that Guarantee Your Blog Popularity Goes through The Roof and Beyond”.

Think about it, which one of the two Titles has the potential to grab eyeballs. The content can be ordinary at best, but you need to create a great first impression with the blog title. It’s important to understand that a visitor to your blog, might have read hundreds of articles about blog popularity, and it’s only the title that can prompt him to read another article on the same subject.

Offer a Unique Take

If you are somebody who follows blogging tips, you must have heard of this one before….. Unique perspective…. But that precisely is my point. You need to be able to offer your own perspective on what you have written. In a worst case scenario, at the end of the blog post, you might come across as an idiot, but at least the reader has gone through your blog and if he/she feels strongly about your “idiotic” perspective, they are going to comment on your blog. However, acerbic these comments might be, they are a leg up for your blog’s popularity. But, this is just the worst case scenario.

Here’s the thing. A ‘unique perspective’ won’t be appreciated by many, and it is these people who will criticize it and call it out for its idiocy. But there are a few who will appreciate it and give their own spin to it. An idea, and that too,a unique idea will always garner attention; and you want your blog to generate all the interest it can, right… so problem solved.

Don’t be Afraid to go against the Grain

This is an extension of my earlier point. At times, people fear to chart a different path, when it comes to their blog and its content. But, the beauty of blogging is that it helps you connect with people at a personal level, yet it helps you maintain your distance. So, what are you afraid of? Are you afraid of ridicule? Are you afraid of criticism? Because there is absolutely nothing else that you can be scared of!

Here’s an example of a going against the grain – “Why Social Media is a disaster waiting to happen?” it’s a new take on social media and you will find a lot of articles written by experts and amateurs about why social media is not necessarily a good thing and will lead to disastrous consequence. I am all for social media and feel strongly about it and the benefits it has brought to the World at large. Imagine my reaction when I come across such a topic. Will I ignore it? No, I won’t. I will read it, dissect it, and intellectually dismember it, and try to offer a point by point rebuttal of all that has been mentioned on the blog.

But, the purpose of the blogger was served. The blog post was read and it will be read again and again. Such topics never lose their readability. The blogger wasn’t scared to air his/her views on a topic that would prompt sharp criticism from the proponents of social media. The point is, if you feel strongly about something; write on it even if it is markedly radical.

Another thing, at the cost of earning “ridicule”, here’s my tip to newbie bloggers and even those looking to change the fortunes of their existing blog desperately – There is no harm in offering an extremely divergent view point even if you don’t feel too strongly about it. But remember, don’t make it a habit. You don’t want to get caught out. Alright stop throwing those bricks and bats already. I am done.

It’s all about Ideas

Blogs go wrong and lose all signs of life if they are an outcome of regurgitation. A blogger has read something somewhere and they offer the same idea on their blog, albeit presenting it differently. But, what blog readers are looking for is different ideas; ideas that are personal and close to the blogger’s heart. Bloggers definitely need to be exhaustive readers and get information from various expert sources, but this information must be used to explain and justify their own ideas. At the cost of repeating myself, I want to re-emphasize the fact that a fresh idea will always be criticized by some, but there are others who will find it praise worth or at least debate worthy.

It’s only fresh ideas that can save your blog from an early death. If you want your blog to turn into a hero from zero, keep ideating… keep thinking about unique titles…unique perspectives and never be scared.

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