How To Get Rid Of Flurry Image In The Android’s Smartphone

By | October 29, 2017

There are so many smartphone devices available in the market that run with the Android OS. These smartphones and mobile devices have an inbuilt camera that can acquire images of different quality. Most of the people are fond of taking the pictures using the mobile devices. Every device might have unique features in terms of flash of camera, image settings, display and editing options. Irrespective of those features, you can make use of various ways to make sure that the pictures acquired using the Android device are not fuzzy.


Utilize a dry cloth to sponge the outer cover of the camera lens to eliminate any kind of dirt or dust that might reduce the quality of an image. You need to hold the mobile as probable, as movement can create a blurry image. You can examine the settings of the camera to make sure that they set as per your needs and preferences and disable any extra variables, like image altering effects. You can eliminate as many variables as probable to more easily find out the cause of a fuzzy image.


The most essential factor when trying to click a clear image with the Android mobile device is to get the proper setup. You can attempt to click a picture in a well lit region that allows all the items to be glowing in a sufficient manner before taking the image, whether you are making use of the flash of the mobile camera or not. An image of a moving object, like a picture acquired at a sporting event, boosts the chances of a fuzzy image, no matter what the setup is.


Pictures loaded onto your mobile device through an application or an MMS message might look differently as compared to pictures with the smartphone devices. It is important to wait for pictures if you are seeing them with the help of browser or another app of smartphone devices. Pictures that are not completely loaded might appear fuzzy for a short time interval. Images sent via MMS might be shrunk to fulfill the guidelines of the application or service provider, thus, lowering the quality of the picture.

Extra information

Other than these ways, you can keep the software on your Android smartphone up to date. This is due to the fact that the issues can be fixed via an over the air update, if the issue belongs to the OS, otherwise, contact the customer support team of the manufacturer.

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