GetResponse Vs. Unbounce Which One and Why?

By | March 4, 2016

Landing pages have become an essential part of most digital marketing packages! Despite having a fully fledged blog or site for your product or service, landing pages are just awesome. They can help you have better conversions, and provide information to you in a few seconds or so. Suppose you are planning to launch a brand-new product and you want to have better conversions and analyze how many are reading about the product/service to be launched. Also, you may want to place a timer element on the page, so that you can keep your readers anticipated about the launch of product. For doing all these, however — given that you’ve no time or convenience for hard-coding —, you need a quite effective and feature-rich landing page creator tool.

While discussing the various landing page creators out there in industry, you would have come across two names for sure — GetResponse and Unbounce. One of the services is a dedicated landing page creator while the other one has a lot of options to offer, ranging from newsletter management to webinar conducting. That having said, when both are viewed from the landing page creation point of view, there are several aspects to be discussed. That is why we’d decided to do a fully-fledged comparison of GetResponse vs Unbounce.

GetResponse vs Unbounce — the Basics

Recalling what we said earlier, GetResponse isn’t just limited to landing pages. Actually speaking, landing page is one of the many services you get in the GetResponse package. In the package, several options can be found such as email marketing, webinar conducting, Autoresponders along with the power-packed landing pages sector. It is to be noted that there may be changes depending on the pricing plan you go for.

GetResponse Create Dashboard

If you were looking for a solution that is completely meant for landing pages, Unbounce may be the choice, but your decision may change in the long run. Enriched with several features, a huge collection of landing page templates and a reliable service provider, Unbounce lets you design, publish and analyze landing pages, in a unified manner so that it is simple from the user point of view.

Unbounce Dashboard

Selection & Collection of Landing Page Templates

There is no doubt on the fact that an impressive collection of landing page templates is a prominent factor that does affect your choice from the duo. So, we thought you should have a look on that.

GetResponse, despite being an all-in-one solution, offers an incredible collection of landing page templates. Actually, it does not matter whether you want to create an about-us page for your company or just a bio page for your needs; it is possible to find the most appropriate landing page template from the collection of GetResponse. You can find a few sense-making categories on the sidebar, and selection can be filtered through that option. In addition to that, its templates are quite suitable for practical purposes. At the best case, you can just change the brand name and get it ready for work.

GetResponse Template Collection

Unbounce is also bound to offer an adequate collection of landing page templates, but there are times when its huge collection becomes unable to serve the practical purpose. Selecting the appropriate template from the collection is a simple task, since there are various categories and sub-categories. You also have an option to choose one blank page and use the editing sector to make your own landing page design. Despite all such features, the purpose-friendliness of the templates offered seems quite disappointing. Obviously, there are some things that don’t fit right.

Unbounce Landing Page Templates

Editing the Design of Landing Pages

So, given that you need an exclusive and unique approach to the landing page scenario, it is essential to have better editing options. So, we shall have a look on the editing sector of both GetResponse and Unbounce.

GetResponse has a fully-fledged interface for editing the landing pages you come across. If you are trying to add new elements into the page or edit the existing ones, you will really love the professional UI of the editor page of this nice solution. Almost all parts of your landing page can be edited using the WYSIWYG editor of GetResponse, but there’s an extra option too — HTML Editing — if you prefer. In this manner, you will be able to alter the code of the landing page so that you can add or edit scripts or do something else. Also, thanks to the different kinds of integrations with other services and other GetResponse-based services out there, editing of your landing page via GetResponse is one simple-enough thing to do.

GetResponse Landing Page Editor

The problem that we found with the landing page editor of Unbounce is that you’re not able to get some features, in spite of the fact that the interface may be quite messy in the first look. There are options for editing each element with enough advanced nature. For instance, you can change the colour and related stuff as if you’re using Photoshop or some other professional stuff. However, from the common digital marketer’s point of view, the interface can be a quite confusing one, and there’s no option for HTML editing if you wanted that.

Unbounce Landing Page Editing

GetResponse vs Unbounce — Are they Affordable?

Of course, you will be concerned about how much you need to pay for getting these landing page creators. In this, it needs to be noted that both solutions are different.

In the first one, GetResponse, you have the basic plan available for a monthly rate of $15, which seems affordable. In spite of that, what you get is actually a package of several useful services, including a fully-fledged email marketing solution (in the first plan, you can have up to 1000 subscribers) and an Autoresponder solution. If you need presence of more features, you can check out the higher plans of GetResponse, where affordability is an assured factor.

GetResponse Pricing

As opposed to this, even after being a standalone landing page creator solution, the pricing plan of Unbounce is way too costly. To take an example, the basic plan of Unbounce is available for a monthly fee of $49. And, it’s quite sad to know that there is a limit of monthly visitors’ number even when you pay something huge. So, if you give foremost importance to affordability factor, there’s a real winner.

Unbounce Pricing


The Bottom Line on GetResponse vs Unbounce

Considering these commonly-concerned aspects of both GetResponse and Unbounce, it’s clear that GetResponse is having an upper-hand on almost all cases. For instance, we can take the editing capabilities or the available selection of templates or the affordability factor. In addition, if you prefer to go with GetResponse, there is the presence of better-level integration and advanced publishing options. These too are notable aspects when you really want to get the best from your landing page. So, if you need an affordable, intuitive and yet feature-rich solution for creating the stunning landing pages, you should definitely opt GetResponse from the duo.

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