How to Hook up your HDTV to a Laptop with no HDMI Port

By | October 21, 2017

Most of the laptops these days come with an inbuilt HDMI port that none of us really stop to bother how you would connect it in case you don’t have one. Some of the laptops do come out without HDMI for reasons best known to the manufacturers. But they will have a Micro HDMI Port, DVI port or the humble VGA port. As far as my limited knowledge goes, I haven’t come across a laptop without any of these four display options. And as long as you have atleast one of them, this article is going to help you watch your videos on the HDTV. Let’s see how.

The first step is to identify which port your laptop has. The first place to check for is of course your laptop. The HDMI port, if available, can easily be identifiable owing to its unique shape. All you need to do is to use a connector cable to hook up your HDTV to the laptop. It your laptop doesn’t come with one, then you need to see the catalog for more information on ports. If you are unable to locate the catalog, you can go online and search for the laptop model and its specifications from the manufacturer’s website.

Say, your laptop has a micro HDMI port. This looks like a micro SD card slot and is hard to miss. You need to buy a cable and adapter that will allow you to connect your laptop to the HDTV. If this doesn’t work, check your laptop for a Display port. This can support audio and video and hence can be used to view videos on the HDTV. A display port or HDMI adapter is cheap and readily available. You might even find one on online stores.

If your laptop has none of these options, then there must be a DVI port somewhere. You can easily find DVI adapters and cables in the market. There is a problem though. DVI supports only video formats. Which means you may have to watch your videos without sound. If there is an analog audio output in your TV’s HDMI port, this will solve the problem. If nothing works, you may have to purchase some computer speakers to do the job for you.

Last but not the least, take the worst case scenario where your poor laptop doesn’t have any of the above mentioned ports. Then it is sure to have a VGA port. And your HDTV most definitely is going to have it too. You may not be able to view the videos in high resolution but something is better than nothing, right? In most cases, there is going to be an audio input with the VGA. If it doesn’t, the solutions mentioned above will hold good here too.

So, the next time you come across a laptop without an inbuilt HDMI port and you somehow want to connect it to a HDTV, don’t panic. Try out the steps mentioned above and you are good to go.

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