How to Keep Blog Traffic Intact

By | March 28, 2015

Generating traffic to one’s blog is not a one day task. It is a very difficult process and requires lots of patience and hard work. And once you are able to generate traffic to your blog, it is not guaranteed to be always there. Though it is hard to generate traffic but very easy to lose it. And if by time being, you did not control the traffic, sooner your blog will start degrading.

Website Traffic

You should always maintain your blog and keep a check on its traffic. After all of your hard work, you should not want to easily just slip away all the traffic from your blog . While till now you must have read thousands of articles regarding traffic generation to blog and all but it’s very rare you will find tips on how to maintain it.

If you are getting lots of visitors, but you are not managing your blog properly, then it’s completely useless and all of your efforts will go in vain. You can check for your loosing traffic with the help of bounce rate. The larger the percentage of bounce rate the more negative the signs for your blog. Because it indicates how much time visitor spend on your site and how rapidly your website was closed. So by now, you must have understood the importance of intacting the traffic of your blog.
So we will be discussing some of the points on how to Intact the traffic on your blog:


The only basic things why the visitors arrive your website or blog is your content. If your content is new, unique, refreshing, then you will always generate a healthy amount of traffic to your blog. So, you must always know how to attract the audience by your content. If your blog is a low profile one and you are writing rich contents then definitely you will see a significant amount of increase in your traffic.

And if you keep on writing a good content, then you will always be able to hold visitors to your site, Because good content and attractive headings always catches an eye. One important thing also be managed is targeted traffic. It is another challenging task and if you survives it, then definitely you are going to end up on a winning note.

Blog Design

Another major factor in retaining traffic is the design of your blog. Although you are writing an excellent content, but the design of your blog do not suits the visitor eyes then he will simply run away. The theme of the blog should be simple. The background color of the blog should be light with dark letters written on it. This is considered to be the best advice for a theme in designing a blog. Do not do much experiment with the theme, and try to keep it as simple as you can.

Proper Placement of Ads

Another major factor in not driving away the traffic from your blog is the placement of the ads and the banners and the posters on your blog. Do not just fill away all of your blog with the ads and the banners. Too much of ads always irritate the visitors. Proper placement of ads and banners is very necessary to keep intact the blog traffic. Also try to avoid too much of external links into your blogs. Putting links in your blog will take the readers away from your blog which is not sign for your blog.

So I hope following these advices you will be able to keep Intact the traffic of your blog and don’t just lose them easily.

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