How to Share Huge Files for Free

By | August 9, 2015

Gone are the days you had to spent hours to send a 100MB file over to your friend via email. Those were the days when email attachments were limited to 15 MBs and you had to break down your file size accordingly. This proved extremely inconvenient in the case of video and other files that could not be dismantled. This generation of storage was succeeded by a much sophisticated one where we saw the bandwidths rising and the cost of file storage reducing. Added to this was the huge file storage offered by email service providers and other back up service providers. And finally, today, we have about a dozen service providers, paid and free, that allows us to send huge files over the internet, quickly and efficiently. We will talk about a few such services in this page.

Share Files

There are plenty of sites out there who allows you to dump your GB’s worth of data for free. You only need to sign up with them and agree to receive occasional promotional emails and you are good to go. But one downside associated with such services is that there is no guarantee for the privacy or safety of your data. If you are planning to save this data for a long period of time, free storage is not the option for you. But, there are quite a few of them out there which can do as well as any paid service.


It is a file storage and synchronization service which offers you 2GB of free data storage. You can easily share this data with other DropBox users. There is a paid option to upgrade your storage capacity to 50GB and 100GB at very nominal charges. Considering the ease with which data can be saved and shared, DropBox wins the competition for the best free service out there.

Sizable Send

This is your best bet for beating the email attachment size limit set by most service providers. All you need to do is provide your email address as well as that of your recipient and then upload the desired data. Furthermore, this service offers your password protection for your data which goes on to show how serious they are about data privacy. It comes with a size limit of 2GB


A neat transfer service, this has found a lot of takers because of its ease of use and user-friendly interface. It gives you an estimated time required for uploading and sending files, which is extremely useful for people stretched for time.

Glide’s gDrive:

This is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, which requires you to download no software. It can be accessed via a browser and the data saving and sharing can be done via the same browser.

There are many others too, which we are going to list below:

  • ADrive
  • File Xpressit
  • Humyo
  • File Dropper
  • Send This File
  • DivShare
  • net
  • Streamfile
  • Dropio
  • Gigasize
  • Mailbigfile

We will keep this list updated as soon as we verify the authenticity and data security of other providers.

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