iOS or Android – Which Platform Owns the Marketplace?

By | October 25, 2017

There’s a boom in the smartphone industry sales and revenue. Every year, more people are buying new smartphones. The existing users are upgrading to the newest technology; while the new ones are already getting the latest technology flavor on their first endeavor. Whatever may be the case, every user needs apps to keep their smartphones worth the money. Without the apps available on the app stores, these innovative techs would simply become useless. A great market has evolved around the smartphones; but who owns the market here? iOS started the journey while Android now has more users – so it’s a tough competition. One mistake made – and the competitor goes many steps ahead so there’s no room for making mistakes.

A Quick Peek on the Figures

You know the app market is big – but how big? Ever wondered how astonishing these figures could be? Well you should have. We have done the digging and now presenting you with an rounded up data.

Till this moment you are reading this article, nearly a billion smartphones have been sold and in use. That means the industry has a billion customers – that’s one seventh of earth’s total population. Do your math and hold your dropped jaw in place.

You will be even more surprised to know that 80% of this huge market is using Google’s smartphone operating system, Android. 15% uses Apple’s iOS, and the rest 5% has picked up other smartphone platforms. Android has 1.4 million apps ready for downloading and more than 85% of them are free. On the other hand, only 25% of iTunes App Store’s 1.3 million apps are free for downloading; you have to pay for the rest. This here is a huge burden to growth of iOS users.

But surprisingly, the e-commerce websites on the internet are mostly favored by the iOS users. These websites occupy 67% of the apps in iOS while only 33% of these are on Android. That’s maybe because iOS users are generally rich and they can afford spending more money online. On the other hand, Android users are usually techie people, more feature oriented and they know Android isn’t much safe for carrying out secured transactions – so they don’t try either.

iOS apps are lot lesser in market share than Android; but they have generated $100 million last year (2014). The Android apps generated a satisfactory amount as well which rounds up to $60 million, still there’s a huge gap to fill up to catch up with iOS.

Which one to choose as a development platform?

If you are a new app developer and confused to choose between one of these; we would suggest you pick Google Play Store. Because you get a cheap startup while Apple kind of rips you off for the privilege to develop an app for Apple ecosystem and later publish that on their app store. Google is very open and honest to the developers; they keep the fees in the lowest levels and also let anyone use their sources codes.

If you have potentials and make a glorious start in Play Store, you might want to expand the territory in iOS App Store as well – that’s your call.


Make your own research before actually taking an action. Assess where you fit. If you do the research right, you are very least likely to regret later.

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