How To Make Sure The Recipient Has Opened Your Mail

By | January 21, 2017

Mysteries feel good only in flicks. You would never love to be like a spurious and clueless about whether the recipient has gone through or not the important mail you have sent to him. Apps do everything these days, and can handle this as well. However, Bananatag, a nice browser extension can be a prolific option for you on this regard.

Know Whether The Mail Has Been Opened By The Recipient Or Not Through Bananatag:

  • You have to sign-up with Bananatag, and download.
  • After installation, you can go with tracking the sent mails.
  • You can have a dig at the tracking process by logging within the Bananatag member panel. About five mails in a day can be tracked, and for more, you have to go for the paid plan.

Google Analytics:

You can go with third-party tools having a gmail account as well to track the mails through the help of Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a fine option, but, you have to integrate the Google Analytics tracking snap within the text body. Through the process, you get noticed immediately as the recipient goes through it.

In this process, you will be having a Read Receipt of the sent mail without jumbling the text. Hence, you don’t have to send another mail for approval.

Know As The Mail Opened By Recipient Through Google Analytics:

As it has been mentioned, the Google Analytics tracking snap is integrated within the text through Google Apps Script prior sending. As the recipient goes through the mail, the picture gets downloaded spontaneously by the recipient’s device and a code is generated. The whole process can be viewed immediately.


  • Go through the link given below and have a copy of the document. It is going to integrate the script with the Google Drive spreadsheet.

  • Pick Initialize through Track Emails, and approve the script for sending the text through your mail account with Google Analytics code.
  • It’s time now to compose a fresh mail within your mail account and add recipients.
  • Keep it within the drafts in your mail account; don’t send it immediately.
  • Enter in to the script page within Google Drive spreadsheet and tap on Track Emails, then Send Mail.
  • This is going to allow you pick the drafts that you wish to be sent.
  • Pick the draft through drop-down, provide the Analytics Profile ID, and hit the Send button.

That’s all you have to do! You are going to have the log detail within Google Analytics account as the recipient goes through the mail.

Get To Know About Event Log At Google Analytics

You can have a look at the logged detail going through Behaviour, next to Events within the Standard Reports of your Google Analytics account. It must be available there as ‘Event Category: Email Open’.

To have a look at the real time detail, going through Real-Time, then Events.

It is here to mention that a 1×1 translucent picture is integrated within the text body. Hence, as the recipients don’t enable the picture for text in his account, it doesn’t work.

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