Mobile Video Advertising – What Works and What Doesn’t

By | April 28, 2015

We’ve all witnessed it. The sometimes unnecessary distraction we receive when accessing mobile Internet to view our favourite music video and having to sit through a minute and a half of brain washing advertising. Companies are doing their best to avert our attention towards their visual representation of their product or services.

Although it’s nothing particularly new for us, seen as video advertising has entertained our television screens for many years now, the expansion of such advertising method is difficult to ignore. YouTube have, for a while now, included video advertisements before the streaming of a chosen video clip is played, ultimately gaining substantially large amounts of revenue. Because internet access is now easier to access more than ever, especially on our mobile phones, businesses are recognising this and taking the leap into mobile video advertising.

Mobile Video

What works?

As mentioned before, YouTube have included advertising on their video streaming site for several years now but it has only been in the last couple of years that we have seen a growth in video promotion.

Before a video is played, an advertisement will be played on the full screen. In many circumstances, after the first couple of seconds, an option will appear to skip the advert and move straight on to viewing your chosen clip. By giving potential customers the option of viewing the clip or not will actually enhance positive customer perceptions of a particular company or service.

Occasionally we witness pop up boxes appear on our screens. Again there is the option to click the cross in the top right hand corner of the box to delete the advert and return to the website you wish to view. Again, this avoids the annoying process many businesses attempt of throwing services down the neck of consumers. Although this is a great way of increasing brand awareness, it can also have harmful repercussions for a business. Viewers will be instantly angered that this is taking up their screen space.

Advertisers are becoming much savvier when it comes to web browsers. Companies are now monitoring internet surfers and targeting those who have previously shown an interest in their product or services. By visiting a website whose primary objective is to make profit, you may find that other non-related sites you visit afterwards are advertising that company on their page, sometimes even displaying deals and products that are similar to the ones you previously viewed.

What doesn’t?

Flashing pop ups! False claims and competitions! There’s nothing worse.
Any internet user will tell you that the most annoying thing about Internet advertising is the occasional interference caused by a huge, unavoidable flashing advert that either directs you automatically to another page or requires you to leave the website because you can’t simply remove it from the screen. Not only does this look spammy, it will also do the product little favour in the long run, although, this type of advertising is usually undertaken by gambling and auction sites

Next time you are browsing the net on your smart phone, look out for video advertising and ask yourself, is this affecting me?

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