How to Share Huge Files for Free

Gone are the days you had to spent hours to send a 100MB file over to your friend via email. Those were the days when email attachments were limited to 15 MBs and you had to break down your file size accordingly. This proved extremely inconvenient in the case of video and other files that… Read More »

PPC Management Guidelines for the Company Rebranding

Pay per click is one of the most lucrative ways of earning money online. Effective tricks on this matter can always assist you in rebranding your company perfectly.  Here we have brought up some of these very excellent tips those can definitely work for you. While scripting your promotional stuff or advertisements it is recommended… Read More »

Satellite Phone Safety Use and Etiquettes

Satellite phones are very expensive, yet they are reachable almost anywhere on earth. That is why they are getting popular eventually, the growth rate is not as fast as cellphones but not very sluggish either. The objective here is not to make satellite phones much widespread since it’s more of an emergency device than a… Read More »

Search Engine Optimization – The Don’ts for 2015

Blogging, or SEO is not something for those having an orthodox mindset. The SEO strategies keep changing like life, and you need to stay aware of all those to be successful. It is always focussed to produce effective output in organic search. Google have brought some changes as it has been doing, and here we… Read More »