Satellite Phone Safety Use and Etiquettes

By | August 25, 2015

Satellite phones are very expensive, yet they are reachable almost anywhere on earth. That is why they are getting popular eventually, the growth rate is not as fast as cellphones but not very sluggish either. The objective here is not to make satellite phones much widespread since it’s more of an emergency device than a necessity, so it’s vital to keep the satellite channels free and hence the higher price. If satellite phones could be very easily purchased like cell phones then the exclusive nature would just be killed.

However, satellite phone costs have drastically reduced over years and that is why you might give buying one a thought for emergencies – highly useful if you explore remote places on a regular basis. Before you start using one, it’s necessary that you know the manners and etiquettes of using one and also the safety measures.


Satellite Phones

Do You Even Need a Satellite Phone?

Don’t buy an expensive device just because you think you should get one. Only get one if you really need one. The airtime is expensive, so is the technology so the cost after you purchase the phone could be more than you have anticipated. On the other hand, with most places now brought under cellphone coverage you might not even need to carry a bulky device. Ask yourself first whether you actually need one – then proceed to buying.


Don’t get too overwhelmed while using a satellite phone if you are somewhere remote and help can’t reach you instantly. You might just drain your battery in the middle of nowhere or could cause an accident falling off a cliff. Having an emergency phone doesn’t necessarily mean you have to call off an emergency to get you and might eventually just kill you.

Verify if Using a Satellite Phone is Permitted

Satellite phones reach even when cellphones don’t. This could lead into serious security breaching issues – like inside a military installment. Verify whether you are allowed to make phones calls at the place you are. Not being careful enough could lead to catastrophe which as a satellite phone user you obviously don’t want to make happen.

Be Careful With the Antenna

Satellite phone antennas are very much different from the cellphone antennas. The radio waves are emitted in different ways and require the position of the antennas to be in proper positions to make and receive calls. The cellphone network is widely spread over urban areas now – so the antenna position in cellphones is not an issue but the satellite phones require the antenna retracted and pointed towards the satellite in some cases. Don’t ever cause the antenna to break – doing so kills your phone.

Be Careful About the Speaking Period

Don’t just keep talking on a satellite phone unless it’s extremely needed. They are expensive, and you might be keeping a channel occupied when someone else needs a channel for some cause. It takes a responsible person to handle a satellite phone.


These are the basic safety guides and manners that apply on satellite phone users. Of course there are plenty more – required to be figured out with common sense.

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