Tips To Save Images From Pinterest To The Android’s Phone Gallery

By | November 2, 2017

As you have Pinterest app installed on your mobile running Android OS, possibly you have portable access to sharing pictures, reassuring an emotional connection with the brand and producing a virtual pin board of your own advertising inspiration. In any case, if you also have an offline collection of stored Pinterest pictures, however, you are unable to save from the app on its own. For this, you can make use of Pinterest of the browser on your Android mobile instead.

How to save Pinterest images?

If you are interested in saving the Pinterest images directly, then first of all, it is important to understand the process. It is all because that the process requires deep understanding, prior to getting indulged into it. Getting started with it, get logged into your Pinterest account. For this, you need to have your Android mobile device in your hands. Open the browser of your mobile and get logged into the Pinterest account. In this manner, you can save pictures only you would from any other place like the website.

You must have to simply long press on a picture and choose ‘Save image.’ In this manner, you can save the image to your Gallery in an automatic manner, in which you can see it in ‘All Downloads’ or also ‘Downloads’ library. Now, you can have fun with the pictures stored from the Pinterest.

The drawbacks

It is a well-known thing that every service or product has some drawbacks associated with it, along with a lot of useful features and benefits. The same is true for Pinterest images. While the Pinterest app for mobile devices does not provide assistance to local file saving, it is packed with the features, you are not able to explore on the browser edition. You can select the ‘+’ icon. For a glance, if you are willing to create a new pin with the help of inbuilt camera or upload a picture from your gallery.

Next, you can as well long press on any picture you want to save and slide the finger via the icon that represent the action you are interested in executing, the pushpin to make a new pin, the paper airplane in order to share it, or the heart icon to like or appreciate it, throughout the Pinterest private message. So, in this manner, you can save Pinterest images in an easy and quick manner.

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