Search Engine Optimization – The Don’ts for 2015

By | September 10, 2015

Blogging, or SEO is not something for those having an orthodox mindset. The SEO strategies keep changing like life, and you need to stay aware of all those to be successful. It is always focussed to produce effective output in organic search. Google have brought some changes as it has been doing, and here we present you about those actions you should not perform to ensure an effective search engine outcome.


Never Overload With Links

Change it, if you are habituated with linking extensively to different pages from the home of your site.  Such practice can certainly affect your load time. And, sites those take more than five second load time have to face negative effect. You should not have too much drop down options with a lot of pages. This affects the SEO.

Avoid Those are Irrelevant

It has been seen on many occasions that people put much interesting titles; but, upon going through the contents, visitors find irrelevant, or nothing much interesting. This is something is never recommended this time especially if you are aiming to earn through Google adsense. It affects SEO hugely.

You should not also try to make search engine go confused by putting too many hyperlinks those after all point to the same page. Going with the editorial links is always recommended, and it improves the SEO of your site as well.  Backlinks also put positive impression on your site.

Panda has gone too strict, and you should never try to fool it through the paid links to drive visitors. Unauthorized link channelling practices also affect the ranking up to many extents.

Don’t Disturb the Content

Quit the mindset of too lengthy posts. It should be of decent word count to attract both the visitor and the search engine. Your lay out should be spacious enough, so that the visitor don’t have to depend much on scrolls to find the content. Positions of advertise banners also matter on this context. It’s really annoying to close many advertise pop-ups for a viewer while reading the content. Don’t allow such advertises, even though they pay. It affects your viewer experience as well as of search engine. In addition, it also holds possibilities of shadowing the most interesting part of your content.

Make it Suited for Mobile Platforms

Your design should be mobile friendly, and the reason is quite obvious. At the same time, it is also important that all those add-ons or tools you implement with your site be friendly with the site. There are many applications those can’t be read by search engines on mobile platform. A good number of users love to browse through mobiles, and you will be missing them otherwise.

Social Media Distribution

To drag attention some site owners make their posts shared through the bots. Same sort of street smart kind of activities are also performed in terms of liking the facebook page, or putting comments. Keep it in mind that all these affect your search engine , and hence you should avoid such practices.

It has been seen in many cases that people don’t include author’s bio, or don’t provide contact information at the site. This is never professional, and shows negative outcome in terms of search engines as well.

Avoiding all these can definitely improve your page rank.

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