Skype, Facebook and Microsoft: What This Means for VoIP

By | May 18, 2015

Skype is the world’s most popular VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol and Video Over Internet Protocol) application. It has grown in 10 years to have over 600 million users. Recently, Skype and Facebook have integrated services. This is the first time we have seen a VOIP service and application become a part of social media. Microsoft is a large investor of Facebook, and also recently purchased Skype for a huge 8.9 billion dollars. They did this just before the leaked information about the new Windows 8 operating system, which in itself is another huge change in the way we will use the Internet. In a short amount of time, we have seen VOIP integrate into the way we use our computers. Here is a look at some of the important issues related to this.


VOIP was only an application

VOIP has only been an application, much like chat services we would use with Yahoo or another instant messaging service. Because Microsoft purchased Skype, we are seeing it integrate into other areas of the Internet. Chat and email have been standard forms of communication for some time, and now we can expect that VOIP calls and video calls will be a part of everyday communication like chat and email. Some people have been using VOIP for a long time, but there are many who are still not aware of the advantages.

Video is popular

Most of us have been happy to be able to talk to each other using the phone. Once you have a VOIP service, you will discover how easy it is to make video calls. Once you have started to use video calling you will get used to it and you will want to use it all the time. This is the major reason why Facebook has engaged in the partnership with Skype. It is not appropriate for Facebook to have other communication services without have video call features. Even the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg commented on the need for video calling inside Facebook because it has become so popular.


Interestingly enough, Skype was created with the business user in mind. It turned out the application was very popular with general internet users and the application grew into the most popular VOIP service that has ever existed. Skype grew so well, they were able to include VOIP to phone call services as a part of their application features. You can buy a Skype number and make normal calls to normal phones with it at greatly reduced prices. Many other companies have replicated Skype features, and have also added other features to make VOIP even more appealing to business. Business phone systems allow a company to manage their internal calls, add and remove extensions with ease, and even manage the choice of VOIP or standard calls are manage automatically when the services detect the standard call will be cheaper.

Windows is the operating system of choice for over 85% of the world’s personal computer users. The new Windows 8 operating system will probably include Skype features as the norm. This will mean we will see many more VOIP users in the near future. The business flow on from this will be short of spectacular. We can expect to see further integration of Skype services into social media, and this means we can expect video calling to be the norm very soon.

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