Tips to Keep in Mind When Adding Video Blogs to your Website

By | May 26, 2015

With websites increasingly turning to interactive media, users flocking to sites like Netflix and Hulu, and advertisers turning their attention to online multimedia ads, it comes as little surprise that a growing number of bloggers are choosing to add video posts to their websites. There are many advantages to video posts. They can be made quickly, thereby allowing you to update your blog even when you’re in a hurry. They can be visually informative, allowing you to convey a concept in the same way a teacher would instruct a class. And, finally, they can have the benefit of diversification, in doing so giving your site something to break up the text and add a layer of sophistication.

But adding a video blog shouldn’t be treated as indistinguishable from updating your site with a text post, meaning that there are several unique considerations that you may want to keep in mind. On that note, if you are thinking about diversifying your blog and incorporating video, here are a few tips to consider before doing so:

Video Blogging

The Customer Is Always Right

Just as with any other product or service, your blog is only as successful as your audience makes it to be. If you have a large readership, after all, this usually translates into a better PageRank and more advertiser dollars. Consequently, any change made to your blog should be done with the interests of your audience in mind. Would your readership appreciate video posts? Would it add to their comprehension of the content? Does your audience seek diversification, or would they simply prefer that you stick with pure text? If your answers to these questions do not favor the addition of video blogging, there’s no reason to pursue the issue any further.

Maintain Professionalism

When it comes to blogging, it is always important to provide your audience withquality content. This doesn’t just mean that you write about interesting and unique subject matter, but also that you deliver that matter in a clear, engaging, and well-articulated way. Video blogging is no difference. If you choose to add this medium to your blog, make sure that you dress appropriate for your audience. Speak loudly and clearly. Insure that your video has the correct lighting and clarity. Sit in front of an unobtrusive background. All these steps add a level of professionalism to your video and help make your mode of transmission befitting of the content you seek to convey.

Don’t Forget SEO

The addition of video blogging to your site can help your SEO efforts if you follow several key steps. First, make sure that you never post a video without puttingkeyword tags below the video. Since Google’s webcrawling bot cannot watch your video, it is consequently important that to accompany the video with a descriptive text. Second, make a section of your site dedicated to archiving all your video posts. This creates greater site sophistication and insures more click-through from site visitors. Finally, always embed your videos within your site. If you host them on YouTube or any other external site, clicking on a video will only serve to drive traffic away from your page.

Hopefully these tips can help make your move to video blogging a smooth and painless one. While video blogging certainly offers several appealing benefits to the blogger, it is important that the medium is viewed as unique from text and treated accordingly.

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