Twitter Tips for those Who Work in Finance

By | April 6, 2015

Twitter is an outstanding tool for any professional that is looking to expand their reach and meet new people. However, Twitter has to be used correctly in order to get that desired result. Becoming a superstar at the office can be as easy as using Twitter well. If you are a financial professional, what are the ways in which you can use Twitter to your advantage?

Twitter Finance

Market your Services

What is it that you can do for people? The best way to use Twitter is to market yourself and your services in a professional manner. If you are in lending at the bank, you should say so and offer advice as to how you can get a customer a home loan. A professional who works with gold should post Tweets advertising the advantages of gold and how you can help get a customer a great deal.

Offer Good Financial Information

Your Twitter feed should have insights and tips from others in the world of finance. Post a link about a hot stock, or some great ways to increase your savings. If your followers think you have a lot to offer it can drive traffic to not only yourself, but to those that you work for. Your boss will love you if you are able to draw in new customers to the bank on a regular basis to get that home loan you were talking about last week.

Don’t Come Off as Spammy

Offer legitimate insights and be ethical with the information you are presenting to others. Remember that full disclosure should be the norm if you are looking to get into the good books with your followers. Only suggest that hot stock if it is a legitimate deal and don’t push goods or services that you have a vested interest in without telling your followers. There are just too many people who are hawking financial services that are not good for the individual client.

Be Friendly

As with anything you will do on Twitter you should be friendly and courteous to everyone you interact with. Pretend that everyone who asks a question is a client, or potential client, and you are trying to strike a deal with them. Coming off as business like will only enhance your reputation and help you to gain new followers and become an influential voice in your field. If you come off as rude, or as if you don’t want to talk to anyone, you are going to see your Twitter experience backfire.

Working in the financial field can be a risk these days as public opinion of those who work with money is jaded at best. Going on Twitter and showing that the financial sector is filled with caring people who want to see your money work hard for you is going to be good PR. It can also serve to make you a rising star in your company if you are able to leverage Twitter and become a whiz at marketing your goods and services online.

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